An era is over.

An era is over.

We are writing to you as we would like to thank you for all the great travel experiences we have had. We've had lots of fun, culture and friendships have emerged. We have heard about Jewish life throughout history and the present Jewish life, rescue operations for decaying synagogues, and much more.

We have participated in many Jewish festivals, where it was extremely important for the festival organizers that we were present. In some places we have provided the entertainment ourselves by holding a concert and inviting the locals, such as in Budapest.

In Bulgaria, we actively participated as a dance participant in the nationwide Roma festival.

In Ukraine, we have both in Lviv and in Odessa been involved in arranging concerts.

We managed to get to Ukraine before it was destroyed by the senseless acts of war, and we can now think back to the places we have visited and the people we have met on our way, how are they doing today.

Corona has been a big challenge for us on the last journey. We had to move the trip several times and the great uncertainty of whether we could get going at all. It was very grueling.

We have all gotten older and more of our participants are no longer among us and that means every thing has its time. We will therefore tell you that we stop arranging cultural trips in this form.

We thank you again for your good mood and the family we stayed on the trips.

A little reminder where we have been.

2010 - Poland Krakow

2011 - Poland Lodz + Warsaw

2012 - Hungary + Slovakia

2013 - France Provance

2014 - Bulgaria + Serbia

2015 - Spain

2016 - Czech Republic

2017 - Germany

2019 - Ukraine

2021 - Albania-Montenegro

Jewish Culture in Copenhagen looks forward to seeing you at the upcoming Film & Whiskey, concerts and Jewish cultural festivals in Copenhagen.

We will do everything we can to keep in touch with you.

Yours sincerely

Jette & Jacob Zylber
Jewish Culture in Copenhagen
tel. +45 40936919 / + 45 40549360