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Film & Whisky: OUR FATHER/Avinu

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The Israeli film Our Father from 2016 is about Ovadia,  an orthodox Jew – and the toughest doorman in Tel Aviv. He knows no fear. But there's one wish he can't fulfill with his fists: a child with his wife Rachel. They've been trying in vain for five years. To pay for an expensive course of treatment, Ovadia agrees to a deal with the small-time crook Shalom and works for his gang as a debt collector. When Rachel does in fact get pregnant, for Ovadia the collaboration with Shalom is over. But Shalom wants more, he's planning a bigger job. Ovadia has to decide: either betray his friends or put Rachel and their unborn child in danger.

Our Father is powerful, poetic gangster cinema with a strong and solid plot and is characterized by the  great performance of Maurice Cohen in the title role. The script that uses the reality of Israeli life to discuss issues of loyalty and faith is a great moral drama.
Director: Meni Yaesh . 108 minutes


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