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True to tradition, also this year will Benjamin Koppel conclude the Jewish Cultural Festival with a very special performance.
For several years he has presented his interpretations of Jewish music in different unique constellations in collaboration with among others, among others US top pianists Kenny Werner and Uri Caine, US klezmer trumpeter Frank London, his father, organist and composer Anders Koppel. This year he has chosen to develop his musical friendship with the young Danish klezmer group Mames Babegenush.
The concert will consist of various sections:
Benjamin will compose a new work for this terrific musical community, inspired by the Austrian-Jewish writer Stefan Zweig’s great and eternal novel "The World of Yesterday." In addition, Benjamin will challenge Mames Babegenush with some of his other compositions, and Mames will try to get Benjamin on musically thin ice with some of their ingenious and impressive events.
Finally, the seven musicians will be joined by Benjamin's sister, Marie Carmen Koppel. She of the amazing voice will present a small musical journey through the music of three generations of Koppels, from their grandfather Herman D. Koppel to their father Anders Koppel to her brother Benjamin’s songs.
And so the stage is set for yet another festive, imaginative and overwhelming musical journey to conclude the Jewish culture festival with Benjamin Koppel as musical coordinator.
With equal parts inspiration from The World of Yesterday to the energy of the present, a bid for the music of tomorrow.
Den Sorte Diamant