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Cultural evening during World Music Festival with GULAZA and Yemenite dance workshop

Jewish Culture in Copenhagen and World Music Festival present GULAZA, the mythical Yemenite women's song inherited from mothers and daughters in a new interpretation in a special composition with string instruments from the Sahara, cello and acoustic guitar, as a final programme for the festival.

This is the first occasion that these secret women's songs will be sung by a man and they take us into the special world of GULAZA, conjuring up the sea between Yemen and Africa. GULAZA is an expression of this sea - the sea of despair, prayer, passion, dance and love and of the longing for freedom.

The GULAZA-concept was born when Igal Mizrahi and Ben Aylon made up a duo at a music festival where the ancient Yemenite song met the African N'goni sound.

Igal is the son of a Yemenite father and a Moroccan mother and was born in Algeria, and since he was a child he experienced the secret and fascinating world of Yemenite women and studied the lyrics for many years. These songs express the marginalised life of Yemenite women in the Yemenite society, that is why the songs were always sung in secret and went orally from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.

Ben was fascinated by African culture and studied in West Africa with the greatest musicians, and he understood the deep bond between the cultures and became as much fascinated with the Yemenite women's songs as Igal.

Together they started to develop the songs Igal collected in the course of the years, both those he could remember from his childhood and those he learned during his meetings with Yemenite women.

Their point of departure is the Yemenite tradition that only makes use of song and drums because after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem it was forbidden to use other music instruments as a sign of mourning.

The music grew and they added more instruments. Their guitar player, Ian Aylon, who specialised in South American folklore, jazz and classical guitar play, became the third member of the ensemble, and cellist Hila Epstein added the world of classical music to the harmony.

GULAZA performed at many festivals and concerts in Europe and Jewish Culture in Copenhagen is very pleased to present GULAZA's mild and insisting sound universe, world music that is unlike other ensembles,as  close to the origin of the earth as sand, rocks and grass - and sea.


6:30 pm. Learn to danse Yemenite danses with choreographer Lene Abro

7:30 pm. Break

8:00 - 9:30 pm. GULAZA concert

Price: kr. 150

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