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Strong feelings dominate the play about one of our time's great heroes, Raoul Wallenberg. He disappeared without a trace at the end of the Second World War after having saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust, and the performance is created to commemorate his heroic actions.

The play starts out in the present when the 104-year old Wallenberg is being interviewed about his life - and he remembers his past. It is written and directed by one of the actors, Pontus Olgrim from Sweden, and it is clear that he is engaged in his subject.

Pontus Olgrim plays Raoul Wallenberg and has Ralf Beck with him on the stage. Their dialogue changes between present and past in an engagingly serious but also humourous ways.

The scenography comprises only of two chairs, photos about central historical figures - and many empty shoes in different sizes which bring back the image of the moving Holocaust monument on the Danube in Budapest.

"Scenic magnetism," wrote the Swedish reviewers about the play which is in English, and which has now reached Denmark after an international tour.

Jewish Culture in Copenhagen in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary is very pleased to be able to present the play for our audience. The Embassy of Hungary gives a reception after the performance.


Price: 80 kr.