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Film & Whisky "Woman in Gold"

  • Østerbrogade 79, 2100 København Ø, Park Bio, Time: 19:00
  • Price: 100kr.

Film & Whisky with panel discussion
"Woman in Gold"

Film drama 'Woman in Gold' has received a lot of press even before the film has come to Denmark. One reason is that in recent times there have been several famous cases of looted Jewish art during the Nazi era and especially the process of the legendary Gustav Klimt picture of Adele Bloch-Bauer, aka. Woman in Gold got many headlines worldwide. The second reason might be that the incomparable Helen Mirren plays the film's lead role, the 80-year-old Jewish Maria Altman, Adele's niece and heir.
The film is based on real events when the elderly Altman hires the young lawyer Randy to sue the Austrian state for the painting, because her aunt’s fabulous painting turned up at Belvedère after the war. The Belvedère is one of Vienna's most exquisite museums and it boasts of its valuable collection of Klimt's art. The fight against superior forces seems almost insurmountable, but Maria and Randy are not going to give it up.

The story is fascinating for several reasons, not in the least as the story about the little man's struggle against a much stronger opponent per se.

The film is an interesting combination of historical events, art and the relationship between the heir and the young lawyer who puts his career and family to the test in an attempt to win the elderly woman's case.

- Therkel Stræde, associate professor of Contemporary History at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.
- Dr. Ernst-Peter Brezovszky, Ambassador of Austria
- Bent Blüdnikow, jounalist
- Kasper Monrad, chief inspector, National Gallery of Denmark
- Natalia Gutman, art historian, moderator

Time: Tuesday, 27 October
19 - 21        screening of Woman in Gold
21 - 22        panel discussion
22 - 22.45   wine in the foyer
Location:   Park Bio, Østerbrogade 79
Price:         100 kr. incl. wine

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Østerbrogade 79, 2100 København Ø, Park Bio