The film Persian Lessons

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The film will be shown in Nordic cinemas from 5 August and two months onwards.

France, 1942. Gilles is arrested by SS soldiers along with other Jews and sent to a prison camp in Germany. He narrowly avoids being executed by claiming that he is not a Jew but a Persian. The lie saves Gilles to begin with, but now he is ordered to teach the camp commander, Koch, to speak Farsi. Koch dreams of opening a restaurant in Tehran when the war is over. Gilles knows that it applies to his life and develops a cunning system to constantly invent and remember new words in Farsi. Through language teaching, a special relationship arises between Koch and Gilles, which creates jealousy among prisoners and soldiers. And while the student's suspicion of the teacher's covert language cheating grows day by day, Gilles understands that his secret will soon see the light of day.

Director Vadim Perelman was behind the acclaimed and Oscar-nominated ‘House of Sand and Fog’, and the film is based on the short story ‘The Invention of a Language’ by Wolfgang Kohlhaase.

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