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Mazel Klezmer Band

  • Synagogue, Krystalgade 12, 1172 KBH K, Time: 20:00
  • Price: 200 (160 for medlemmer )

Happiness and luck are the original meaning of the Yiddish word Mazel. The Mazel Klezmer Band was formed in 1998 and has since, through frequent concert activities at home and abroad, interpreted and disseminated the special Jewish folk music called klezmer.

 Mazel Klezmer Band invites the audience inside the klezmer genre's spacious universe by presenting a wide range of musical expressions which include symphonic works, jazz standards, film music, songs about life in ancient Eastern Europe, Jewish vaudeville and cabaret, own compositions and of course lots of traditional party music .

The ensemble thus delivers a journey into the music culture of the Jewish people, in the form of a varied and original program, which spans 200 years of music history from 3 different continents.

 Tickets for Innovative songs are valid for this concert.

Synagogue, Krystalgade 12, 1172 KBH K