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  • Copenhagen Synagogue, Krystalgade 12, 1172 Copenhagen K, Time: 19:30
  • Price: 250 DKK members of DJS 200 DKK


A cooperation between The Jewish Community in Denmark and Jewish Culture in Copenhagen

The award-winning composer and saxophonist Benjamin Koppel has composed a
work based on conversations with survivors on the occasion of the 75th anniversary
of the White Buses rescue and repatriation of around 20,000 prisoners. The concert is
framed by Benjamin’s personal friend, historian and author Bo Lidegaard. Including
double bassist Thommy Andersson and soloist Henrik Dam Thomsen.

Josefine Cronholm - singer

Henrik Dam Thomsen - cello

Søren Møller - keyboards / piano and computer

Benjamin Koppel - saxophone

Thommy Andersson - contrabass

Birgit Løkke - percussion

Bo Lidegaard - speak


Price: DKK 250 Politiken Plus DKK 200 and members of the Jewish Society in Denmark

Payment can be made at Myshop 43662, please state name and number or on account reg. 1551 account no. 4589357248

It is the responsibility of all of us to avoid the spread of infection, and it is therefore important that everyone with the slightest symptom of illness stays at home. :

Limited number of places, bandages are recommended. In addition, we refer to the authorities' guidelines that will apply at the time of the event

Copenhagen Synagogue, Krystalgade 12, 1172 Copenhagen K