When the interview was recorded, the camera kept rolling and an intimate conversation was recorded with Golda Meir. She lit one cigarette after another and spoke freely about her term as prime minister. This interview is thus an unprecedented testimony to her own view of history, all the way back from the surprising takeover and international recognition as "Queen of the Jewish people", and up to her tragic and lonely death. Golda Meir's five years in office (1969-1974) had transformed Israel and changed its course in the history of the Middle East.

Around the world, Golda Meir is a feminist heroine and one of Israel's most famous faces. In her home country, however, she is associated with failure and shame and is considered one of the worst leaders known in the country.

The film Golda explores Golda Meir's character and combines archival footage with interviews with former allies and opponents.

After the film, there will be a panel debate with Steffen Jensen along with Israel's ambassador, Benny Dagan and with Michael Rachlin as moderator.

 English subtitles

Duration: 89 min.

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