Past Life, Israel 2017, 109 min.

 Jewish Culture in Copenhagen is looking forward to showing a film by award-winning Israeli director Avi Nesher.

Film & Whiskey has shown several films by Nesher, who wrote and directed "Past Life". The film is inspired by the life of Israeli composer Ella Milch-Sheriff.

The film investigates existential themes dealing with the relationship between children and parents who survived World War II. Including the fear and anger that arises from the lack of knowledge of their parents’ moral standards and the choices they had to make in order to live on.

After surviving the Holocaust, physician Baruch Milch settled in Israel. He is somewhat cold, sometimes a violent father to his two daughters, Sephi and Nana.But could he also be a murderer?

“Past Life” is a thriller, which takes place in in West Berlin in the late 1970s. In search of the truth about their father, both sisters are pushed on a journey across Israel, Germany and Poland. The father's past pushes the quieter Sephi in all sorts of directions, whilst with Nana we see a mix of political idealism and the adulthood of the older sister.Baruch himself seems to be a broken old man, while being a vicious autocrat who struggles to manage his secret past.

Languages: Hebrew, English, German and Polish

The film has English subtitles.

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