Danish top saxophonist Benjamin Koppel has invited American pianist and composer Ted Rosenthal to Copenhagen to perform Ted Rosenthal's jazz opera "Dear Erich" in collaboration with a carefully selected super-team of soloists and musicians. "Dear Erich" is a fantastic and gripping musical story with jazz as the musical focal point and with four great singers in front.

Both Koppel and Rosenthal have performed with a large number of the greatest international jazz stars including Randy Brecker, Phil Woods and Lee Konitz.

The story is inspired by letters written by Rosenthal's grandmother to his father, Erich and is about their lives in Germany in the 1930s. Erich fled to the US shortly before Kristallnacht. There he got a new life in a new world of studies, jazz and love. Meanwhile, his family is in Nazi Germany, and Erich must live with the blame for not being able to help them emigrate affecting his relationship with his wife and children. "Dear Erich" tells a refugee story. How can a family overcome being victims of the hatred to their nation? What lies ahead for those who flee? Are you free in the "land of the free" at all? What does the knowledge about your family’s fate do to you, and why does memory matter, and how do you find hope?

  "Dear Erich" addresses issues such as immigration and dilemmas about refugees in crisis, themes that are also current today.

  · Music and history by Ted Rosenthal

 · Opera text by Ted and Lesley Rosenthal

 · Inspired by letters from Herta Rosenthal and family

 · Translated by Dr. Peter Schmidt

 · Additional operatic text / poetry: Barry Singer, E.M. Lewis, Edward Einhorn

 Benjamin Koppel - saxophone

 Ted Rosenthal - piano

 Jesper Bodilsen - double bass

 Morten Lund - drums

 Frederikke Kampmann, Anders Christensen, William Jønch Pedersen and Nana Bugge Rasmussen - song


Krystalgade 12.1172 K