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New Year Concert 2015

  • Københavns synagoge, Krystalgade 12 København K, Time: 19:30
  • Price: 250kr / 200kr

Monday 12th October at 19.30 in Copenhagen Synagogue

Jewish Culture in Copenhagen invites to this year's Rosh Hashanah concert in the synagogue with Shai Tsabari & The Middle-East Groove All-Stars.

In the last year, the Israeli audience discovered the singer with the distinctive voice Shai Tsabari.
He has performed with artists such as Berry Sakharof), Ahuva Ozeri, and later with Idan Raichel, but first and foremost he appears with his amazing band - The Middle East Groove All-Stars.
The band is known for breaking barriers between artist and audience and combines the traditional and the modern.
The band has enchanted his audience both in Israel and abroad, among others in Krakow's Jewish culture festival.
His latest project, The Middle-East Groove All-Stars, is based in North Africa, Yemeni and Iraqi musical traditions and combines them with Israeli music fra1960's and 1970s, Western European klezmer tones and rock from the United States and Britain to form a new music genre Mizrahi music name. Although Mizrahi music very quickly became popular in the Israeli population, be it in the first time not quite convince the established media world.
It is not until some years later that it became aware of this music's beauty and innovative meaning.
Shai Tsabari has released a critically acclaimed debut album "Shaharit" (Hebrew for morning prayer)

Shai Tsabari was born in Jaffa and grew up in an Israeli-Yemeni family. His father, the cantor and taught him the secrets of the Yemeni religious song. His grandmother taught him the art of playing Yemeni rhythms on the drum and Yemeni folk songs.
Shai Tsabari has studied at "Rimon" a school of jazz and contemporary music, in which he played jazz, gospel and blues. Later he traveled around the world, got inspiration from music directors in India, Egypt and Israel. On his musical journey has Shai developed an original musical genre which combines a moving song style with solo spots and a unique energy during concerts.

The music is a combination of original music written by Shai itself (also in collaboration with Assaf Talmudi), old folk songs from the Middle East and Eastern Europe and popular Middle Eastern pop songs.

The band consists of:
Shai Tsabari: singer
Assaf Talmudi: keyboards & producer
Eyal Talmudi: saxophone & clarinet
Itamar Ziegler: bass & electric guitar
Gershon Waiserfirer: electric oud, mandolin and trombone
Nir Manzur: percussion
Adir Dadia: sound effects

Jewish Culture in Copenhagen is looking forward to welcoming our the audience to experience Shai Tsabari & The Middle-East Groove All-Stars bringing new life to  well-known songs and tones. See you at an uplifting and joyous experience.

Tickets can be purchased at and through Billetnet and Politiken Plus.
Regular price: Dkr. 250 
DJS members and Politiken Plus subscribers: Dkr. 200 

Københavns synagoge, Krystalgade 12 København K