Jewish Spring Concert: Uriel Herman Quartet with Benjamin Koppel

  • Krystalgade 12,1172 K, Time: 19:30
  • Price: 250

Jewish Culture in Copenhagen is looking forward to welcoming you to our spring concert in the newly renovated synagogue in Krystalgade.

This time we have invited Uriel Herman Quartet from Israel with guest soloist Benjamin Koppel.

Uriel Herman Quartet plays compelling music between jazz, rock with classic and Israeli undertones. The ensemble’s melodic repertoire has an excellent rhythmic drive, led by the talented pianist Uriel Herman.

He is a classically trained pianist and composer from Jerusalem Music Academy, but his interest was soon directed towards music in the borderland between jazz and modern music genres and, together with his quartet, he has developed his own distinctive sound with an ethnic touch - especially in the piano and flute solos.

The quartet was established in the wake of his first album "Awake" and since then they have travelled the world from Europe to Asia and the United States and performed at many different festivals, eg. in Limoges, Paris, Taiwan, Beijing, Argentina, South Korea, Chengdu, Weimar, Bucharest, Cyprus and of course in Israel, just to name a few.

 Among Uriel Herman’s oeuvre there is also their live recording "The Windmill Session" from 2015, recorded in an old windmill in Jerusalem for a small audience of friends and family. This recording became world famous and made them very popular in Asia, where they performed at major jazz festivals. In Taichung, they played for 45,000 people.

 "Classical music is still close to my heart, but I missed freedom, the freedom to break the form ... the freedom to improvise ... to express," he says. During his visit to Costa Rica in 2017, he attended a shamanic ceremony that lasted all night. This experience made a big impression on him and he composed "White Night", a kind of jazz rapsody, based on classic forms and elements but with much greater freedom. “What interests me on stage is the musical places where you have no idea how it will sound. Music is the art of time ... it arises in time ... it must change character and be dynamic, " he says.

Their new album "Face to Face" has just been released in January by the French record label "Laborie Jazz".The quartet consists of Uriel Herman on piano, Haim Peskoff on drums, Avri Borochov on bass and oud and Uriel Weinberger on woodwinds.

Avri has studied both classical and Indian classical tabla music and jazz in New York. He is a very versatile and renowned piano player and has also performed at Roskilde festival. He is also the leader of the ethno-jazz ensemble Yamma and travels with them both in Europe and in the US.

The concert is a collaboration with DJS and in support of PGT.

Ticket price DKK 250

Politiken Plus, Members of The Jewish Community and Hakoah members DKK 200

Children up to age fourteen: free

Payment on Mobil pay 43662 account reg. 1551 account  4589357248, please add names and number of tickets


Krystalgade 12,1172 K