Yiddish Glory with Loyko trio, concert at Jewish Culture Festival

  • Krystalgade 12.1172 K, Time: 19:45
  • Price: 150

Singer-songwriter Psoy Korolenko (Moscow - New York) and historian Anna Shternshis (University of Toronto) bring to life long lost Yiddish songs of the World War II in this all-new concert and lecture program. Collected by Moisei Beregovsky and other scientists of the Kiev Cabinet for Jewish Culture, these previously unknown Yiddish songs were confiscated and hidden by the Soviet government in 1949, and have only recently come to light. They tell stories of how Soviet Jews lived and died under the German occupation, used music to document Nazi atrocities, fought in the Red Army, worked in the home front, and made sense of it all through Yiddish music. None of these songs were known until they were accidentally discovered in the basement of the Ukrainian National Library in the 1990s. The lecture/concert features the performance of these previously unknown materials, thus giving voices to Soviet Jewish women, children and men who never got to tell their stories, but left us their incredible songs.

Yiddish Glory is accompanied by Loyko trio from Russia. Loyko was founded in 1990 by violinist Sergei Erdenko, and also featuring violinist Artur Gorbenko og guitarist Michael Savichev.

Krystalgade 12.1172 K