Film & Whisky: The Fig Tree

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The emigration of the Ethiopian Jews to Israel has not yet finished. There are still over 7.000 Falash Mura Jews who are longing to come to Israel.

Israeli Ambassador Benny Dagan will tell us more about the current situation and will introduce today's film about the tribulations of Ethiopian Jews on the way to Israel.

The sixteen years old Jewish Mina, is trying to navigate between a surreal routine dictated by the civil war in Ethiopia and her last days of youth with her Christian boyfriend Eli. When she discovers that her family is planning to immigrate to Israel and escape the war, she weaves an alternate plan in order to save Eli. But in times of war, plans tend to go wrong. Davidian’s coming of age film debut film is based on her childhood memories of a civil-war-torn Ethiopia.

The film is with English subtitles.

  • Price: kr. 60
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Read more about the Etiopian Jews and their struggle for exit and make alia to Israel.