Film & Whisky; The Distant Barking of Dogs

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The  Academy award nomination makes it extraordinarily interesting to see this poetical documentary by Simon Lereng Wilmont.

The Distant Barking of Dogs is a picturesque and heartbreaking film whose action takes place in the Ukrainian war zone (Donetsk), as it is felt by a 10-year-old boy. Together with Oleg, we experience the unrest of war, people escaping and the sound of bombs in the distance. The brutality of war is in stark contrast to the scenic nature surrounding the village Oleg and his grandmother live in.

The war of the adults sneaks unobtrusively on Oleg and his cousin, Yarik, and turns the the boys' play serious. When an older boy teaches the boys to use a gun, childhood innocence will be put to a test,

 After the screening we'll meet the instructor Simon Lereng Wilmont for a Q & A. 
Price kr. 80