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Deborah „Scheiny“ Gzesh: sang og performance - Thomas Berghammer: trompet - Muamer Budimlić: accordion - W.V. Wizlsperger: bas - Paul Skrepek: trommer. SCHEINY’S ALL STAR YIDDISH REVUE Soulful Jewish music with swing. That’s what Scheiny’s All Star Yiddish Revue can offer. Popular Yiddish music from 1920- to 1960’s mixed with klezmer. The Jewish diaspora experience, present mixed with the past. Deborah „Scheiny“ Gzesh – song and performance, Thomas Berghammer – trumpet, Muamer Budimlić – accordion, W.V. Wizlsperger – bass, Paul Skrepek – drums

 ARRANGØR: Østrigs Ambassade i Danmark / Jødisk Kulturfestival /Jewish Culture in Copenhagen, Cph Stage

Place: The Jewish house, hall

Price: DKK 200
Ticket network
The ticket:
For members of Politiken Plus and the Jewish Society: DKK 160
The concert is included in the festival pass which can be bought at the same place for DKK 690/550