SOLD OUT! COVID-19 precautions at this year's New Year's Concert

Jewish Culture is looking forward to seeing you at the New Year's concert in Copenhagen's Synagogue.

You have tickets for Tuesday, 27.10.2020 at 19.30.

The Jewish Community and Jewish Culture are all taking recommended precautions so we can all have a great experience that night. Before the performance, the synagogue will be cleansed, and in the Jewish House, hand alcohol will be available to all. All volunteers will wear visors or bandages, and the number of seats is reduced so that the concert can be enjoyed with a safe distance between the audience. We encourage everyone to wear a bandage when moving around the synagogue area and in the Jewish House. If you do not have a face mask yourself, this will be handed out at the entrance to the area.

It is important that you can be shown to your seat immediately upon arrival. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive between 60 min. and 15 min. before the concert begins and let one of the volunteers direct you to your seat. The synagogue's doors will NOT be opened until 18.30

We hope you find helpful in limiting the spread of infection by following these rules:

Stay seated throughout the concert
Avoid turning to those behind you
Turn your head away from others if you have to pass close to each other
Cough up the sleeve
Alcohol hands often
We encourage everyone to wear a face mask when moving around the synagogue's area, both outside and inside.
If you are sick and afraid of infecting others, do not come.


Show consideration for the other guests and take your time to get out of the synagogue. Keep your distance and use the time to splurge and buzz over your concert experience.

We hope that despite the limitations that Covid-19 has brought, you will have a good experience with the New Year's Concert 2020.