Here you will find a list of activities we carried out since the beginning of our association in 2014 


Film & Whisky:

13. January: Film & Whiskey: Golda - sneak prewiev: a film about Golda Meir.With subsequent panel debate with Steffen Jensen together with Israel's ambassador, Benny Dagan and with Michael Rachlin as moderator.

11. February: The Best of Men, and an interview with Michael Møllgaard Nielsen, Elite Manager in Parasport Denmark.



17. March.Austrian evening with concert,lecture & wine. Canceled due to infection risk for Corona Virus

25.March. Jewish Culture in Copenhagen, Cph Dox and Jødisk Kulturfestival is collaborating on a sneak premiere at the Jewish cultural festival. Canceled due to infection risk for Corona Virus

Jewish cultural journey

12.june.Jewish cultural journey to Albania and Montenegro Juni 2021,the trip is postponed due to Covid 19


Film & Whisky:

7.januar: movie Budapest Noir

28. February The Fig Tree

28 march: Fever at Dawn

2. june: Yiddish Pearls with Nina Stiller

17.september: There are no Lions in Tel Aviv followed by Bent Melchior

22.september: Itzhak

6.oktober: YIDL MITN FIDL, introduced by author Dennis Rosenfeld

25.November: Past Life. A Film by Avi Nesher

16.December: Back to the Fatherland. With subsequent conversation between Emil Goldschmidt and Jair Melchior

 Jewish Culture Festival

3.june:Abate Berihun- Jewish Jazz from Ethiopia/

4.june: "Dear Erich" with Benjamin Koppel og Ted Rosenthal at Jewish Culture Festival

7.june: Beyond the Pale, concert at Jewish Culture Festival

11.june: Ariela Duo, Jewish women composers

11.june: Yiddish Glory with Loyko trio, concert at Jewish Culture Festival

11.june: Loyko, short concert at Jewish Culture Festival

12,juneBarcelona Gypsy BalKan Orchestra/ Jewish Culture Festival

Jewish Heritage Trip

19 june  Jewish cultural trip to Lviv, West Ukraine and Odessa June 19- 30 2019

Jewish Spring Concert

18 march: Jewish Spring Concert: Uriel Herman Quartet with Benjamin Koppel

Jewish New Year Concert

29.october: Jewish New Year Concert, Tribute to Leonard Cohen






 Film & Whisky: Ben Gurion,  film at Cinemateket

                         Keep Quiet

                         The City Without Jews

                         The Distant Barking of Dogs

                         Bye, Bye Germany

Spring concert with Nadja Okrusko

New Year's concert with Mor Karbasi and band

Jewish Culture Festival:

 -Concert with Mames Babegenush, Livestrings & Socalled

 - Concert with Mark Eliyahu

 - Never more - causerie with music about Jews and Germans

 - World class Jewish classical music with Michael Gutman, Jing Zhao and Nadia Okrusko

 -Concert at Den Sorte Diamant: Benjamin Koppel's Aunt Anna's escape to Sweden with Kenny Werner, Peter Erskine, Johannes Weidenmueller, Cæcilie Norby and Benjamin Koppel

 - Concert: From Ose Shalom toGloomy Sunday with Andi Malek and Bandi Jager from Hungary

 - Concert: Trio Oblomov and Sasha Lurje, Tantshoys and Tantsvarshtat



Film & Whisky

Never Again is Now, followed by debate about whether Jews have a future in Europe (January 19)

Shadow in Baghdad, followed by lecture by Linda Menuchin, Israel (March 23)


Gilad Ephrat Ensemble (February 21)


- Film & Whisky
" Felix & Meira" (January 14)
" The Wonders" (February 2) 
" Persona Non Grata" (March 17)

Fuglene over Sundet, pre-opening night (October 24)

Kidon at Cinemateket (October 20)

Shanghai Ghetto and lecture and Chinese concert (October 31)

En uge og en dag, opening night (November 1)

Remember (December 12)

" A play about Raoul Wallenberg"

A Voyage Through Flamenco Dance

Yiddish Yule, causeri and concert with Ayala Zimbler Hertz, Nikolaj Kornerup and Eva Lehrer (December 5)

 Participation in 6th Jewish Culture Festival (31.05 - 6.06.)

El - Saffron (Meyers Madhus - dinner)
  Jewish Soul and Klezmer music
  One Century with the Koppel family
  Channe Nussbaum & Klezmofobia

Jewish Heritage Journey

Czech Republic July 22-August 5

Rosh HaShanah/New Year's concert

Nicolaj Znaider, Henrik Goldschmidt, Anders Singh Vesterdahl and string orchestra - with journalist Martin Krasnik

-Film & Whisky

"Rue Mandar" (Where We Grew Up) (15.01)
"The Gett", "The Dove Flyer" and "The Muses of Isaac Bashevis Singer"
at The Jewish Film Festival CJFF (26.02-1.03)
Guided tour: German and German-Jewish track in the old Copenhagen (26.04)
"The German Doctor" (16.03)
"Tavshedens Labyrint” med debat (Grand, 1.09)
"The price of sugar", (Cinemateket 10.09)
"Fading Gigolo" (20.10)
"Women in Gold" (27.10)
"The Physician" (9.11)
"Sacred Sperm" (1.12)  and Schmuus (Salomea Genin, Karsten Troyke)

- Concerts
Daniel Kahn og The Brothers Nazaroff (3.03

- Participation in 5. Jewish Culture Festival
Screened film:
"Pour une femme Only for a women"
"Love Thy Neighbour"
"No No the Zig Zag Kid"
"Da Aron kom til Shelm"
Henrik Goldschmidt Rescue
Glass House
Bester Quartet
Klezmer Alliance
Shira u’tfila
Benjamin Koppel & Friends
From Opera to Musical
Jam Session
Klezmer Dance Workshop
- Jewish Heritage Journey to Spain (10 - 21.06)
- 12'th Rosh Hashanah concert with Shai Tzabari (12.10)

- Film & Whisky
"Barney´s Version" (CJFF)
"The Ballad of the Weeping Sprin"
"Hotel Lux"
Sightseeing tour about Greenland, short Israeli film about Greenland
"Wagner's Jews"
"An Apartment in Berlin" & "Jewish Identity in France"
"Orchestra of Exiles"
- Concerts
Savor de Ladino
Avital meets Avital
- Participation in 4. Jewish Culture Festival
Screened films:
"The Congress"
Concerts :
Classical Jewish composers v / Henrik Goldschmidt and musicians from the Royal Chapel
From Opera to Musical v / Idil Alpsoy and Ayala Zimbler
Semer Label Reloaded v / Alan Bern and Band
Jamsession with all bands.
Pressburger Klezmer Band
Kenny Werner , Anders & Benjamin Koppel
Teatr Kufr
- Jewish Heritage Journey to Serbia end Bulgaria
- 11'th Rosh Hashanah concert with Ensemble Yaman

-Film & Whisky
"God's Fiddler"
"The Debt"
"My Dad is Baryshnikov"
"The consul from Bordeaux"
"Fill the Void"
"400 miles to freedom"
"Jews of the Amazon"
- Purim concert with Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird in Synagogue
- Participation in 3. Jewish Culture Festival
Screened films:
"Aftermath "
"God's Neighbors"
"Th. Dreyers film
"Fill the Void"
Mames Babeganush
Benjamin Koppel & Uri Caine
Savor de Ladino
Louise Lyne
Singspiel Maria Galante
- Jewish Heritage Journey to Provence
- 10'th Rosh Hashanah concert Synagogue with Yaakov Lemmer , Alberto
   Mizrachiog Jacob Motzen

- Musical: A Night in the Old Marketplace, in Tivoli Concert Hall
- Film & Whisky
"Laughing the Darkness”
"Intimate Grammar”
"Left Luggage”
"Be Fruitful and Multiply”
"Tango – a Story with Jews”
"Black Book” – to be screened
"My Australia” to be screened
- Participation in 2. Jewish Culture Festival
Screened films:
”In Darkness”
”Human Ressources Manager”
The Sound of Jews – about The Great American Songbook, a multi media show.
7 concerts with local artists – A variety from opera, klezmer, to Jazz and children’s choir.
- Jewish Heritage Journey to Hungary & Slovakia
- 9'th Rosh Hashanah concert with Roberto Rodriguez Cuban Jewish All Stars, in Copenhagen Great Synagogue

- Establishing a support group Friends of Jewish Culture in Copenhagen
- Supporting The Other Europeans for participating in WOMEX
- Jewish Heritage Journey - Lodz –Warsaw
- Purim event with double concert
1.Irish & Yiddish music with Lorin Sklamberg & Susan McKeown, in the oldest theatre   in Copenhagen (Royal Court Theatre)
2. concert Stempenyu’s Neshome in Copenhagen Great Synagogue
- Participation in The 1'th. Jewish Culture Festival in Copenhagen with the
  following programmes:
"Songs from Lodz Ghetto", film
The ”Socalled” Movie, film
Batman- Schmatman - The origins of the superheroes and Jewish roots, lecture
Musical readings from Primo Levis book ” IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” with
participation of wellknown actor and a klezmer band.
- Bulgarian Day, exhibition about the rescue of the Jews of Bulgaria, lectures, choir        concert, film ”After the End of the World”, Bulgarian lunch and dinner.
- 8'th Rosh Hashanah concert with band OY Division in Synagogoue
- Establishing a new activity under the name of Film & Whisky: screening films
  once a month during the winter period in the Jewish Community centre.
”The Concert”
”Mahler on The Couch”

- Concert with The Other Europeans in a concert hall
- Jewish Heritage Journey to Krakow
- 7' th Rosh Hashanah concert with 3 cantors+ Jerusalem Great Synagogue choir with
  conducter in Copenhagen Great Synagogue

- Own production: lecture on Heroes and Superheroes and their Jewish Origin
- The Klezmatics in a concert hall
- 6th. Rosh Hashanah concert wtih Giora Feidman in Copenhagen Great Synagog
  workshop at the Rythmical Music Academy.

- Yale Strom, Elsabeth Schwarz & Peter Stan Concert- Local Club
- Rosh Hashanah food from around the world – Theme day about Jewish food : short     films about Jewish food, music related to food, meal with 6 different courses from 6     different parts of the Jewish world, Israeli folk dancing.
- 5'th. Rosh Hashanah concert in Synagogue with David Krakauer
   Klezmer Madness & Socalled

- Yale Strom & Peter Stan concert in Copenhagen Jazzhouse
- Jewish Culture Day – presenting, exhibition by local artist, Jewish papercuts, lecture   about
Jewish humour, Jewish food, Jewish Doll Theatre from Norway, Israeli folk dancing
- 4'th. Rosh Hashanah concert with The Klezmatics in Copenhagen Great Synagogue

3'th Rosh Hashanah concert with Andy Statman Trio in Copenhagen Great Synagogue

2' Rosh Hashanah concert with Budapest Klezmer Band in a concert hall

1'th Hashanah concert with local classical musicians in a concert hall